Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good day

Since I piss and moan about the bad days (kidding... Sort of...)

Today was a Very Good day. This week at work was difficult because the
mind wanted to go and earn money and the machinery said "ummmmmm......"

Friday a very kind project manager I have been getting to know took me
aside and listened while I cried about 3 different things in her
office. Then she told me there are several women in the building who
have had bc and they have a support group. So I will be meeting one
next week. I was exhausted from only getting about five hours sleep
Thursday night after a couple of really frustrating conversations
about, well, basically money things. Yuk.

Yesterday the magic switch in my stomach clicked and I am able to eat
again. It happens a day or two after a Very Bad Day with my stomach...
Something to look forward to two more times...

Today I went to a mall and bought shoes and a purse like God intended
for women to do on a Saturday. :::dodges lightning::: I also bought
candles and a couple of things in Sephora. Like eyebrows, but we won't
go there. And lipstick.

I took myself to lunch and started on an interesting book I saw in
barnes n noble (gotta love the kindle app for iPhones!)

Came home and planted some seeds for blue spruce trees and basil that
I got from various school fundraisers. Mmmm, basil. I am dreaming of a
summer salad of torn crusty bread, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and
basil, with red onion and olive oil. Mmmmmmm.

Now I am sitting at my art table while I bake a pan of lasagna someone
made for us. So very sweet.

The painting at the top is a self portrait (tee hee) and the bottom is
someone else's artwork I bought once upon a time as a scrapbook
embellishment. It says Life Is Good.

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onescrappychick said...

Life is good. I am glad you had such a good day yesterday.