Monday, April 19, 2010

The ABC's of billing

Ahhh, medical bills. So awesome and amazing.

Bills are fun to try to decipher.

Copays are the subject of this little post. When I started Chemo, ( a
"C" word in my least favorite list along with Cancer and The Original
Nasty C-word...) I was told that I would need to pay a Copayment every
time I walked into my oncologist's office. Even to get the shot of
Neulasta. So not only do I make no salary this week, I'm out $105.

During today's checkin I mentioned to the receptionist that my online
statements with my insurance company show that I appear to be only
paying one copayment per round of chemo rather than three. Billing
lady checked and said I will get a refund of my copayment for 3/10. I
said something that rounded up to "um, yeah, that's what I was trying
to explain." They didn't yet make the leap of logic that they should
not keep charging me the daily copayment. Arrgh.

Every medical bill is a little bit of a puzzle. What day was this for?
What the heck happened on that day? And it cost HOW MUCH? yikes.

Fun is not really the word I'd use to describe working out these
billing issues.

Generally we are ok but I will be happy to get some of these copays

Hospital bills are still arriving... I found out that they switched to
a new billing system and THAT is why I got a bill for 1/19 surgery
last week. Last week, people.

I'm holding out hope I won't actually have to pay $1000 in copayments
while I get my course of radiation.

Just the fact that I can still get an "early payment discount" by
calling someone on the phone and saying "on this bill it says..."
still amazes me. I saved almost $150.00 today in three minutes.

K... Hmm. K is for Keep my weight where it is, doctor's orders. I've
lost about 11 lbs. Not that I am complaining, mind you. I'm also not
really drinking beer, wine, or soda.

I got nothin' for L. I guess I'll wrap this little game up


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Mark said...

Sounds really confusing! Makes me glad we have the National Health Service in this country, although that's not without its problems.

Hope the chemo goes well tomorrow. Will be thinking of you.x