Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hanging on

It seems when I start to think I have things under control, I trip over some side effect or problem I hadn't anticipated. (Like, well, my post surgical boob incision opening escapade. That was really just no fun.) 

I thought this round if chemo was going pretty well. No reaction, less steroids after, more prilosec and I was able to eat pretty well all weekend. Awesome. 

Yesterday I noticed that my tongue felt burned and swollen and I have been feeling slightly feverish here and there.

My boss, who has been supportive and wonderful because her child went through stage 3 cancer a few years ago, said "I think you might have thrush." I googled. Please don't google thrush because I do NOT look like what I saw.  Oh m gee. 

By the way, Boss' son is fine now.     

I called my friendly oncologist's office since I know they have a nurse line for dumb questions you don't want to bug the busy doctor with. 

They brought me in for what they call a nurse's visit. They are pretty familiar with the types of issues that can crop up and so I got the prescription I need. It's a lovely banana flavor cough medicine type concoction. I am supposed to swish it around and then swallow it. I am not quite sick enough to have lost my dirty mind, so....


When I took a hike last year I loved the way this tree hangs on despite looking like it should fall over. I'm trying, kids.   

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onescrappychick said...

Ugh... I hope you get to feeling better soon. Love the tree pic btw. ((hugs))