Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mia porcha

This morning I had zero energy. The not sleeping for two nights has
done me in, plus I only take steroids mon tue wed of a chemo cycle. So
now I don't even have those to boost me a little

I tried to get up and sit at the desk and finally gave up and went
back to bed. It's frustrating for me because my son is off from
school today and I wanted to be more awake and peppy to be with him.
He spent the morning watching tv. I hated to nag but finally made him
clean up some dishes and stuff. Just couldn't do it myself.

I dragged myself out to my porch. When Suzy was here it was nice
briefly so I have a lounge chair out here, but no tv or anything. It's
ok. At least I can lie here with the sun on my face. (and the rest of
me covered in two fuzzy blankets!)

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