Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Melissa Etheridge

I should be sleeping, but I saw Melissa on dancing with the stars
tonight and loved her new song, and then I downloaded her album and
LOVE IT...(scream, multiple exclamation points)

So I was/am tired and I tapped the screen to try to copy/paste the
album art and finally found the hidden friggin controls to toggle
shuffle on and off; I'm stupid and have been sick and all and missed a
BASIC FUNCTION that I have been wondering why on earth was not
included...it has been driving me crazy to have iPhone SHUFFLE
EVERYTHING. Sorry about all of the capitals.

(I am rant-y today. Ask the person that I ranted to about the woman in
my church who "taught" my child that gay-ness can be *****cured*****
by ...wait for it... counseling; I UNTAUGHT THAT BULLSHIT REAL QUICK
when my kid came home to me, let me tell you... Well I did tell my
friend all about it. Didn't I? I will pray for churchlady that
someday she is able to LOVE PEOPLE JUST AS THEY ARE. Love one another
as I have loved you, I believe is the thing the dude says in the

At any rate then one thing lead to another this evening, and mock Wiki
all you want, but I was reminded of and then found this on
YouTube...and I needed it! You can skip Joss or not, but the second
half is Melissa right after HER treatment for breast cancer, I
remember seeing this back then, and I may just watch this every one of
the next 95 days and 40 minutes...


Ps: I'm assuming some of the meds are leaving my system, like the
lingering effect of the steroids, or maybe it's just that the new
medicine is working, because I definitely feel better, as you can
tell. We won't discuss the mini hotflashes.

95, people.


onescrappychick said...

Love you girl.. rant all you want. Glad you are feeling better!!

emmay said...

I thought of you when Anya and I were watching her on DWTS (this morning)