Saturday, May 01, 2010


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Woke up today and a local blog had pointed out yesterday that the tulips are all out, and the crowds won't REALLY come to this park until next weekend when Albany crowns its little old Tulip Queen.

Andy and I took a few hundred photos (he probably has 30 to my 95, who am I kidding, I click click click while he stops to take ONE good one) and then went for CHEEEEESCAKE! I miss cheesecake Tuesdays! I came home with six slices. I have to share, dammit.

We saw a crazy lady with a dog IN A DRESS AND BONNET. I will have to find and upload that one, I forgot.

Many more photos on my flickr feed... I tried to limit to the best 20 or so.

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Anonymous said...

Official import was 56 but that doesn't count all the deletes done in camera! Hahaha Nice work on your flickr feed photos.

The fact that the crazy lady kept saying the dog was a he made it more puzzling. SMH