Sunday, May 02, 2010

Letting it all hang out

1. This week at work there was a new guy. He doesn't put his phone on mute and has loud conversations in the test lab. I want to vote him off the island but I am trying to be nice. He tried to be friendly to me and said "So you haven't been feeling well?" and I told him I had been diagnosed with cancer just before Christmas. He said, Do you mind me asking what kind, I was a premed student for a while. I said "No, not at all, breast cancer." He got beet red and apologized for asking. I was not offended at all... is it embarrassing to have a tumor in one place, rather than another? Silly really. More people need to talk about it so that more women get their mammograms sooner. If I waited until I was 50 that would not be a good thing, since I already had cancer cells in one lymph node.

2. Yesterday was the first time I went out in public in a bandanna. My friend calls them Doo rags and it cracks me up every time. When I went down to the park with APB he got a shot of me - I think it might be my next blog header. It's coincidentally cropped JUST RIGHT. :-)

3. At my son's baseball game yesterday a big burly guy who is a building contractor we have known for a few years (he almost did our addition) came over to see how I was doing, and then kinda half hugged me and wished me well.

4. Today at choir it was 1,000* in the loft. After the first song I was having a hot flash to boot, and I could feel the beads of sweat ROLLING out from under my wig. My son had come up to loft and said "Mom, just TAKE IT OFF" as though it were the most logical thing in the world... and of course it was... everyone says I have a pretty bald head which cracks me up to no end. One of the oldest guys came over and whispered in my ear that I look sexy, which almost put me on the ground laughing,... he is in his 80's. Take it easy there tiger.

5. A little india.arie for you, with a verse inspired by Ms. Etheridge herself and the last video I linked. Hopefully this one will actually embed... if not..


91 days till august first!

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onescrappychick said...

Your bald head is beautiful.. and you are almost into the 80's.. ((hugs)).