Sunday, May 16, 2010

Little things

I have a thin white line near the moon on each nail, for each of my
first three rounds of chemo. Like rings in the trunk of a tree. I'm
sure eventually the fourth will appear. They're splitting and peeling
and it's fun, really. I put layer after layer of nail polish on them
to hold them together, but I usually have nail polish on anyway so
that's not too bad.

Today I went to church. Climbing the stairs to the loft left me
winded. I'm a little anemic and that gives me the endurance of your
great grandmother. I sat through most of the songs - it was "sing OR
stand". But that's ok too.

This afternoon I potted some plants to hang out on my deck. I also
hung my dragonfly lights. (five strands, one extension cord, and chemo
brain. Yeah, just TRY to do it like I did last year!!!) I had to sit
down many many times... Using a stepladder didn't help... But it is a
gorgeous afternoon and I'm so happy not to be sick in bed.

Yay spring! Bring on summer!!

1 comment:

Trish said...

you're making progress along the chemo patient spectrum of life. little things, like the white lines and the anemia that make things, even the mundane, tougher. I HATED having to decide IF I was going to sing, or if I HAD to sit down to participate.

I stopped counting the days the "world moved without my permission". I mean dizzy stuff just by sitting still. I may be in CA, but we weren't having quakes.

It gets better eventually. really.

ask the doc about the anemia, see if there is anything to improve it---sometimes just the littlest of help makes a huge difference-- between sleeping a lot and not doing much, vs doing a few things and feeling only really tired.

glad spring has sprung!