Friday, May 14, 2010

It's on

So recovering from this round of chemo is not any easier than it was
for the others of course, and I am pissed. Look at this bruise! That's
where the iv was. Nice huh? Geez.

Please pardon me while I have a little pity party ...

I am aggravated that my stomach is feeling worse today, it's very
sluggish and that's painful and so I don't WANT TO EAT - And I have to
eat or I won't feel better and I will lose a bunch of weight again and
feel even worse. Right? Irony. It's what I'm choking on. I just forced
down some food... I look forward to enjoying eating again. In a week
or two... :::Bronx cheer:::

Oh, and I might be getting a sinus infection. (insert a few more rude
words). And/ or the mouth infection is returning too!! Wheeeeee!

I am so OVER this whole sitting around feeling crummy and not doing

I am on my porch trying to rest and get fresh air. I am SO BORED WITH
MYSELF. I don't want to read or watch tv or do anything - not that I
have the energy to lift anything other than this phone. I would love
to go for a walk but really don't want to make a fool of myself
passing out because I'm so weak. :::: cue mini temper tantrum::::

Dear CarlyShell: get with it. Work with me. Seriously. Enough. We got
off easy, let's move forward. I want to be done here.