Monday, May 03, 2010

Other plans

Arrgh. Lost my post trying to mail this from the Hipstamatic app.

Went to work, brought my lunch, had my Starbucks, had my act together.

There were almost no cars in the parkig lot. Also a few pockets of
people standing around but no one I knew and not enough for a fire

I walked in and a wave of heat hit me. It was 94 in the test lab.

Talked to my boss for 5 minutes about what to work on from home this
afternoon while my wig melted and fused to my scalp. Egads happy to

On the way home I stopped to get some pots for a couple of seedling
and I got these for my deck. Just a couple of random things to mix
height and colors There's a Lilly in the back that i cut back so it
might bloom again this fall.

Now I am sitting on my porch enjoying a light rain and waiting for the
thunder to move in. ::::happy:::::

(Hipstamatic app for can even fake a flash on a cloudy
day... It was starting to rain when I took this photo.... )


onescrappychick said...

Yikes. Does working from home mean you work from the porch?!

Carly said...

Ideally, yes. But today I did not book any hours. I looked around at my house and tried to clean, and so on...