Friday, January 28, 2011

A change

In a departure from my usual morning shots, here's one late the other night. I was discouraged about a half finished disagreement, and the temperature was a mini heat wave of about 20* - warm if you consider the -17 we hit recently. Blah.

So I bundled up and walked around my favorite park alone. It let me mull a few things over.

One of the Droids has become very spiteful to me and it was pretty bad Tuesday. Sarcastic remarks all day long, with a cheap shot just before he left for the day. I've worked from home a few times because of snow lately. If my kids have a two hour delay I stay home to make sure they actually get the bus. And the other day I felt lousy and so Ii decided to WFH again. So Wednesday the alpha male Droid who tries to boss everyone around said to me "will you be in tomorrow?" Caught off guard, I nodded. "oh, two days in a row, huh ?" Dick.

It's crap like that which makes me want to leave. I want my own cubicle again so I don't feel like I'm being watched. Add the other guy's ranting and raving about random news things or his imagined slights and persecution at the hands of our manager. I really like guy #3 the best because he is quietly oblivious and doesn't bug me. But I got a raise, don't know how much yet. Yay me! One crazy year as a temp under my belt. Now what?

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Meoskop said...

Call the Droid out. He's being a bully, if you can afford to let it blow up, pull his ripcord. "If you have a problem with my performance, take it to a supervisor but don't snipe at me, I'm not interested."