Monday, January 10, 2011

I told you so

So one day last summer this happened. (A little boy I know, asking why I was baldo). At the time I said to him, "When I see you at a basketball game, I'll have my hair back."

I walked into a CYO game yesterday, and there he was with his dad, at the admission table right in front of me. I said to his dad, "I wonder if he remembers seeing me bald last summer."

He called Noah back, and I bent down and said "Come here!" and he gave me the "you're a stranger trying to steal me aren't you?" face and so his dad had to reassure him, but then he came over to us.

I said, "Remember at Ritchie's baseball game, you saw the lady with no hair?" And I saw an instant flicker of recognition pass over his face. Ding, ding, that rings a bell - he nodded.

"That was me!" The eyes got very large then, in disbelief.

"I TOLD YOU my hair would come back; look at it!" He laughed at me and said "wow!" His father and I cracked up. Good trick, scary lady. (Please don't ask me to do it again, kid.)

I really did it more for me, of course, and I knew that, and I think his kind father also knew that. The little boy is only about three or four, and I'm sure he would have sailed through life just fine without the Return of The No Longer Bald Chick.

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