Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy new year

My new year's resolutions are rather free flowing. I want to catch up on things that fell behind last year, and focus on things like my health and the commitments I have made.

Today I decided I will just try to catch up on one small thing each day. I started by editing and uploading photos from my recent trip to Manhattan - I had promised one of the other moms that I spent most of the day with that I would put photos on Snapfish. That was three weeks ago! Ooops. In my own defense, I did have a brief outage of flu+sinus infection, and then I had to catch up on my Christmas preparations.

Most of the pictures are of our children but I had a little bit of fun with these. The string of lights is right near a HUGE pile of holiday ornaments, and both are near Rockefeller center, as is Radio City Music Hall.

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