Sunday, March 20, 2011

500 miles

I had a baby shower for my sister yesterday. It was awesome and worth all of the extra work this past month (and having even less time to blog. Sorry!)

Then she left at 7am today to drive to her house, so very far away... It makes me sad.

I have fallen three times in the last two weeks. I tripped over a curb because it was snowing and I had a few things in my hands, and landed on one knee- the stuff I was holding somehow hit the ground before my hands did - saved me and absorbed some of the impact. Then I slipped in the lobby at work Monday because it was sleeting so my feet were wet, and they had polished the tiles, and I crashed down on the OTHER knee.

Today going out of my house I looked back in because someone said something to me, and I missed a step and fell backwards down a small flight of stairs. I somehow caught one of the railing posts and managed not to kill myself. I hardly ever manage a ninja move like that- -it was awesome but I did still hit with a crash, it just wasn't MY HEAD.

So I decided later to take my moody sad self for a walk - and ow. My leg ached.

When I saw this net sinking into the melting ice, it summed up how I was feeling about some stuff. The end of the season. It's sad.

(Especially during Madness when many athletes are playing their final games - and my son plays his final cyo basketball game tomorrow. Six years of games. Oy. )

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