Sunday, March 06, 2011


First photography assignment, rhythm and repetitiveness.

Every day I take my tamoxifen and promise myself I am going to try to live for a very long time. Unfortunately right now my memory is crappy and I was finding myself struggling to remember whether I had taken it each day. I tried setting a daily alarm on my iphone just about the time those started to not work. (That was pretty funny, actually.) So I went old school with this pillbox. It's ugly but effective.

This is taken with a new iPhone camera app, called genius. It can do a wide range of adjustments including add flash (brightens AND whitens in one step) and effects like this one (1970). I liked the combination of this clunky old so-not-modern pillbox with the crackled yellowing photo style.

I 'only' have to take tamoxifen for five years. Well, actually, four and a half years now. Right? Right.


Trish said...

as long as you're not using the tamoxifen for 'the rhythm method' and just for cancer prevention, you're fine, right? ;-)

I take a cocktail of 4 diff meds a day, at different times. I have an easy (tho complex to anyone I try to explain it to) method of setting my meds in my daily travel case so I know which ones I've taken today. Line 'em up in order, face the bottles towards the closed part of the bag until I take them, then rotate so the next in the row is the first I'll grab, facing the closed portion. All towards the closed? I haven't taken anything. All towards the open side, I've taken everything. As long as I followed my own method. ;-)

wv:, really? ;-)

Anonymous said...

The Mr has that area 'all sewed up' so to speak... Chemo kinda pushed me into an early Change. Hot flash heaven!

Wv Epessawa ... Uhhh , I'm no good at this game. I used to feel MUCH smarter before chemo

Trish said...

I had hot flashes too during active chemo. the doc suggested at my age, that maybe it was just early menopause...I think I threw a book at him for that one. Turns out it was really an imbalance of iron, potassium and hormones from the chemo causing me to flash.

let's see...epessawa...the sound of your brain letting out all those brain cells during chemo!

wv: wednono....we'd nono if we had brain cells still despite our chemo brains! ;-)