Thursday, March 03, 2011

Dear Universe

... thank you....

I had a pretty tough time driving down to the appointment. I was late and feeling very stressed... I'm surprised my blood pressure was close to normal when they checked it. I need to stop going to these appointments alone. Dummy. I have wonderful girlfriends who help me with everything I ask and I need to stop trying to be "tough".

I love my surgeon. Love, love love that woman. She walked in and said "How are you?" and I said "You tell me..." and she immediately said that everything looked good on the mammograms, and the 5,000 pound gorilla got off my chest and started dancing a little bit in the corner of the exam room.

We talked about the scarring I have and how radiation thickens and otherwise affects mammary ridges (don't google any of that shit at work, it could be so awkward for you) and she made me laugh by saying my scars look great and then LITERALLY patting herself on the back. She is so damn warm and charming. (To think that I almost let the little short bastard in cowboy boots who took out my gallbladder hack me to pieces. Lumpectomy + chemo / rad is the way to go if you can, ladies)

She also explained to me that yes, the wording on those letters SUCKS, but it has to do with the conditions observed in the mammogram and the need to prove that the medical requirement for having a mammo every six months.

::::seal claps::::::


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