Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Pi Sounds Like

I know I don't blog as much as I used to... When I first started, right around the time of the OTHER big tsunami, I had time every afternoon to sit and wait for the kids to get off the bus. Now, most days I am usually driving to get them and they are waiting for ME, and the whole texting/typing while driving deal is just Bad. And there is Facebook and 'the Twitter' and ... You know.

Speaking of the tsunami.... Words fail me. Over 9,500 people may be dead in one region alone? Staggering. Makes me so profoundly sad, but deeply grateful for the roof over my head, the dirty dishes in my sink from feeding my family, the clothes I can wash if I get off my lazy tookus... Too many people don't appreciate how good their normal daily life is until it's cracked apart by cancer or fire and rain.

At any rate, I haven't really taken enough photos for this week, so for Sunday Art I will share with you something I got out of a very cool newsletter. Between this (Brainpickings) and Pat's Papers I am trying to get some new ideas into my brain.

I swear, I've played the first few notes of 3.14 a time or two on the piano... It seemed so familiar.

Check out this post:

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