Saturday, March 26, 2011

busy, buzzy

I am running in circles these days (but not falling anymore, knock on wood)...

This week brought a triple-overtime championship basketball game during which I muttered obscenities several times. Such a role model I am. I wanted to get home to watch Dancing with the Stars... I am such a dork.

We also had the Learning Fair this week, which I fondly refer to as "Let's go see all the projects the other Mommies and Daddies made..." My son presented a slide show on concussions in soccer and missed winning a speaking contest by 0.016 of a point. But he beat out the two girls known for being "the smartest" in his grade, hehehehehe. I think it was the still photo of a soccer ball mashing into a player's face and flattening that sealed his success. Eeek.

I wasted time rebuilding a work pc that I had set up ALMOST exactly the way I wanted it. It's kind of funny, someone tweeted about origami patterns for the Angry Birds characters and like an IDIOT I went to the link and started downloading them to a jump drive. I'll miss that little jump drive. Grr. The virus software on that particular test pc started going crazy but in the duel the virus STILL managed to break everything on the pc - office, browsers, etc - nothing would run. So, THAT was fun to realize, and especially when I faced that I had to explain it to my boss. At The Bank I would have been fired. But in the New and Improved Job that I have now it was no big deal. :::sigh of relief:::: Two hours of reinstalling stuff.... I still can't believe I made SUCH a dumb mistake. Don't download shit off the internet, people!!! People are jerks!!! So smart and yet they just think of ways to mess with other people's lives. I don't get it.

Anyway, I have to go make a killer birthday cake for one of our best friends... it's going to be a very funny one (I hope) because it is based on his trash hauling business. So, I have to go break dollhouse furniture and litter it all over the cake. There is another championship game today that most of my family is going to (not my son's team, so I'll pass) and then we have the birthday party; tomorrow I have to go to mass with my nephew who is making his confirmation soon and then I need to go straight to the basketball banquet.... and then finish the yearbook and start the next lunch menu)

Since I haven't done much art of MY OWN this week (oh, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though! ) I will share this with you....

Sherwin Williams - Paint Chips from Buck on Vimeo.

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