Sunday, July 05, 2009

Farmer's market

.... yum... (sourdough bread... in case you're wondering...)
I would love to show you how beautiful the farmer's market was today, but I didn't bring my camera ::::thud:::
We went after church. I watched Stanley play Stars and Stripes (both hands AND feet working on the organ, it's amazing...) and then my mother in law received (in her words, "last rites") the Sacrament of the Sick, because she is due to have surgery a week from tomorrow and she's very nervous about it.
SO, no camera. But sunshine, boats, (the farmer's market is on the waterfront) and great clam chowder. Sometimes it's good to put the camera down and just enjoy the day, I guess.
I like to photograph food on my new counters.. I work with the light I have usually, which isn't "Pro" I suppose. Maybe after the graduation party I will have time for more "serious" photography. Heh.
Mmmmm. Fourth of July parties require cherries. (Our family party is a day late because we* had to work at a Steamboat Festival yesterday.)
I'm now going to eat a slice of this lovely bread, and some tomatoes with a sprinkling of salt, pepper, sugar, fresh basil, and grated parmigiana cheese. Talk amongst yourselves.
* to be honest, I snuck out to see The Hangover and didn't go out until later.

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