Friday, July 31, 2009

two thousand

(this is my post #2000. I just noticed on the dashboard...)

I have 2000 photos already that I will need to download from my memory card on my camera. Or at least it seems like it. Can't do that until I get home, and I won't be home for a few days.

I feel like I have driven 2000 miles, but it's been more like 700 so far on our road trip. The kids and I first headed to Pittsburgh. This required driving ALLLLLLLLL the way across NY state. Which, while being HOME, and sunny for a change, and fairly straight roads and all, sort of began to suck because eventually it seemed like the drive would never end... as if perhaps we'd ended up in some sort of purgatory and we will just keep driving down a road that doesn't really end.

My plan was to stop in Erie for lunch, and never having made the drive before with three people in the car who have bladders the size of fancy shot glasses.... it seemed like a plan. We literally stopped at EVERY OTHER REST STOP. Oy.

So, Erie was where we had lunch, but at 3:30 when we were ready to gnaw on the menus.

We made it to Pitt by about 6 pm I think. The Boyfriend was absolutely wonderful to us and cooked 3 wonderful dinners while we were there. He drove us around and took us on walking tours and just generally was awesome. He even gave up his bed for a couple of nights so that we would be more comfortable. Keeper.

We managed to see the city skyline at night, and get to the zoo, and the Science museum, and a submarine outside, and as I mentioned my camera card is darn near full. We also got to see Suzy's new hospital, just the public areas we were permitted to be in, of course (since it's new employees can bring family in for tours)

Sometime next week you will start seeing all of those photos.

We are in Ohio now and an old friend of mine and his wife have taken us in for a couple of days and made us feel very much at home. We've been lounging and swimming in their pool and watching their tv which is the size of my son's mattress at home. Between that, the xbox, and the giant lovable dog here, my son doesn't want to leave. We watched Ghost Town, which was a fantastic movie, and I am not smart enough to get a link to work on my host's MacBook (it's probably stupid blogger...) but you should really netflix that movie, and make it your business to see it. HYSTERICAL. And sweet and just a great movie.

SO now it's off to Niagara Falls today. Yay. More driving. If you see someone on the highway with a giant stuffed Sully in the passenger seat, that would be me. Point me to the nearest rest stop.

PS: I also found out that after saying NOT to submit a photo of a flower, the walk leader at our site picked a flower picture in the Kelby contest. :::rolls eyes:::: I think APB's shots were better.

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