Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Side note... My current pet peeve is people saying "tuh-day" instead of too-daym

Tuhday I took my son and his friend kayaking. They weren't into it at first and I had to wave snacks in the air and race away to get them to follow me.

The weather wasn't perfect but there was no rain, and there were some wonderful sunny patches.

I also got to listen in while they talked about upcoming Giants training camp (which lead to a rehash of "Plaxico shot himself...")

Also Lady Gaga's lifestyle choices came up. I had to laugh because R said "she's bisexual.... And you know what else? She likes girls AND boys...".

I had the pleasure of wearing a life jacket shared by countless sweaty men... And the guys at the boathouse dropping my fleece in the lake.... And leaving it there until I explained that Yes, I Do Still Want That.

But there were a few times when the boys were far enough away... I just enjoyed the trip. I won't be able to move tomorrow. My shoulders already ache. ;-)

Carly(via Blackberry)

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