Sunday, July 12, 2009

Apparently it IS

...too much to ask, for it to NOT RAIN for two days in a row here in upstate NY this summer.

But we planned that it would rain, and everyone fit in my house (thanks to last summer's addition) and we had this...

so who cares about rain? Suzy and I teamed up to decorate it Friday after dinner when we were both exhausted; I had baked the cake earlier in the day but hadn't frosted it. So I did the basketweave, which really made The Boyfriend confused until I showed him the way it's done. Suzy did the writing and the awesome diploma (rolled fondant) and we slapped on some gum paste daisies left over from the 50th anniversary party (saved for this cake, actually).

We looked at it and said "I'm fine with that. You fine with that? Let's go to sleep."

The party itself was awesome. One of the highlights was my mother showing up with four tiny goldfish for my mini fake-rock pond that I break out for family gatherings. Glug. I have THE most adorable picture of my almost-2 nephew looking at the pond and laughing at the fish.

The Boyfriend helped with fetching cold cut platters and making beans and just generally was my assistant caterer/dishwasher for the day. I need to bring him lots of beer next time that I go visit. His assistance allowed me to a) enjoy the party b) have time to TALK to my guests and c) drink lots of wine.

We ended the evening with a few favorite people on the porch wherein I had more wine. Speaking of the wine... I do not actually remember taking my contact lenses out. ::::blink:::: I'm pretty sure I did though. Hmmm.

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