Saturday, July 18, 2009

Photo walk

Today I went on scott Kelby's Photo Walk

I went with a couple of friends and had a blast. It was interesting to see what they shot and the angles they used, vs. what I was seeing and wanted to shoot. Plus we made 1,000 "that's what she said" jokes. Awesome.

We saw (in no particular order)lots of scary stuff in the "lake", a classic old Dodge, a guy who had a crazy big dog AND a tiny yappy dog (midnight snack?) ...and a pair of discarded panties that I DARED my friends to photograph and submit as one of their two entries for the contest. Somehow I'm afraid I'll see a photo of those panties soon. Yecccchhhhh.

We also met some self proclaimed "real poets" who read us their work for a while. Interesting. Of course I missed the opportunity to snap them shaking my friend's hand. D'oh!
I also was afraiiiiiid to ask this guy in a flashy golf shirt carrying a guitar on his back if I could take his picture. Unclicked. Live and learn.

The group leader was cool and encouraged us to not shoot "just a flower picture" because that won't win the contests associated with Scott Kelby. His point was to be clever, creative, etc. Wouldn't you know, my best shot is a flower that apb insisted that I should shoot from underneath? The backlighting is awesome. Grrrrr.

I already have one favorite shot, will pick my other one asap.
My friend brought a spare memory card and let me use his camera for a while. It was kind of like going from a fairly nice four door sedan with automatic transmission, to a convertible sports car with stickshift... sweet. I have to wait to see how those pictures turned out. But I will post some of mine from my 'sedan' tomorrow.

Great day.... ;-)

Carly(via Blackberry)

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sounds like a fun time!!! :)