Wednesday, July 22, 2009


...picture I took at a restaurant tonight will give you an idea of how good my dinner was....mostly nice (veal picatta, great lemony/buttery sauce) but with a little bit of weird (aren't oven browned potatoes supposed to be cut smaller than just "in half" ?)

Carly(via Blackberry)


Trish said...

depends on how small the potatos...the ones I made tonight were "fingerling" and made the smashing part of mashed potatos easy.

then again...maybe they were in a hurry?

Carly said...

no, it was a regular sized baking potato. And seeing "towles" on that dispenser drives me crazy.

Trish said...

zis ees ze Amereeecan way to spel french words...or them damn Brits.

it is annoying, but some folks think it is high brow.

I think the clunky old dispenser says it all!

so they should have had on the menu, 1/2 baked potatos! So much for twice baked!