Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today I get my new bedroom rug... The one I originally picked to match the paint I originally picked...

This of course means that my bedroom had to be emptied AGAIN last night. As in, while I was also committed to babysitting my niece and nephew. Ooopsie.

So after listening to "knock!" about 500 times (really, that's the whole joke, he is three), giving them extra cookies even though they didn't even come close to cleaning their plates, and letting them play Cut the Rope and CakeDoodle, we sang christmas carols and I got them sound asleep by 8:15; I then slipped out of the house quietly. (Kidding, but only about that very last piece. I did actually wait for their parents. )

I came home and emptied my closet. Because to carpet wall to wall they have to be able to lift the wire 'california' shelving... Literally every room in the house has some of my clothes plopped somewhere, between getting dressers out if the way and just things already stashed in the kids' closets (like black tie dresses from long ago...)

This is making me very twitchy. Where to start? How much to get rid of? Do I chuck stuff that's still a size or two small or hope that the running gets me there, when it might only keep me at the weight I am now? Pointless debate unless your entire trousseau is on YOUR couch.

We won't talk about the fact that I had intended to buy a new bedroom set but haven't managed to go find one yet.. Because then I would have to talk about emptying most of the room again and I might have to lie down on my new rug, or lay down, I don't even know, and sob.

Knock knock ...(see post title)

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