Friday, November 26, 2010

Three strikes - I'm out

SO, (like my photo taken yesterday?)

I'm kind of baffled how my day is going today.

I slept in - awesome. Then things have been on and off the rails ever since.

I edited photos and ordered my Christmas cards from Snapfish - yeah! I also ordered a canvas print of a picture I took at Cape Cod and converted to pastel. Hmmm. Wait. I didn't get the 25% off and free shipping credit that I should have. (They sent out an email last week, and then a correction saying "No, really, it's working now". Which is the only reason I noticed that it isn't. I emailed customer support and got back a credit of $6.14 and I think it should have been way more, but I'm so confused at this point I'll walk away. Primarily because the customer service emails are coming from people who are clearly in INDIA. Strike one.)

I went to get some Chamilla beads for my daughter because the little jewelry store I go to sent me a postcard with "buy three, get one free on black Friday." The woman who helped me had obviously NEVER TOUCHED those beads before. She had no idea which ones were which (the glass ones were on thin metal rods that set in a wooden frame. The whole thing looks like an abacus. There are pictures that are "sort of" behind the beads. But since the beads can slide all over the place it's kind of weird and hard to tell which bead is which, if you have no brain and can't tell a pink one from a blue one. )

So I picked out two I liked and she wrote that down (on a piece of lined school paper like my 8th grader uses for homework... wtf? ) and then she wrote down the two that need to be ordered (a gingerbread man and snowflake). She went in the back to talk to someone about how to order them for me. She addressed him by name and I figured out it was the owner's son, because he has his dad's name and that's the name of the store. So he asked her for the other two beads. She came out, looked at me, asked "where did the beads go?" and I looked at her, not understanding what she said, and she took the piece of paper and walked away. I then heard him say to her "If you leave them on the counter people will take them." Dude. You did not just accuse me of shoplifting. (One I don't steal stuff and two, walked in with a postcard with my name and address on it.... hello!!)

She came back out and asked the clerk helping the person next to me if that clerk had seen the beads and I said to her "You never took them off the rods." I was about to follow with "and if you'd like to search my purse you just go right ahead" but I bit my tongue. She said "Ohhhh" in a really confused voice and said "are you upset? I apologize."

I should mention this was not some 18 year old who I could forgive for flaking a little on Black Friday. She was about my Mom's age. So of course I still have to forgive her, but wait! the story isn't over yet.

I handed over my credit card and she took it back to him; he tried to charge me for All. Four. Beads. I said "That's not right. It should be $35 + $35 + 27 and that's not $134." Fcker... her response was "Ohhh", again.

Now, anywhere you go they usually run your card and hand it back to you with your copy of the receipt, and then also hand you the piece you need to sign at the same time. She handed me two pieces of paper. No card.

I said "I need my card back please." and from the back I heard him say "I need that slip signed." Unfucking believeable, and strike two.

When I get my beads, I will be explaining to his mother, who still runs the store but was nowhere to be seen, exactly WHY they will never see me again. I just want what I went there to purchase.

To cap off my day, I got my car inspected and It! Failed! I need four new tires!!! But when I get them I can go back to the same place and they will reinspect my car for free! I win??

Yeah, I know. I'm out.

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emmay said...

Where the heck were you? So I never go there...
Our van went in for service and we were told it will not pass its next inspection due to an emissions issue. It costs #550 to fix the issue and the care's blue book value is $538. we are picking up our we car on Friday. They offered us $100 dollars for the can as a trade-in. And we were not the least bit insulted because tha thing is a big giant piece of crap. However, now we will be destitute paying for this new vehicle. Which i love..