Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The envelope, please

My test results are in... But I can't have them.

The doctor who does genetic testing is only in the office on Tuesday and Thursday.

She has already explained to me that they ALWAYS make patients come in to discuss the results.

I watched her draw my family tree. MY family. Circles for each female, and squares. Neatly filled in for those who are gone, their cause of death noted carefully underneath.

The simple tube of blood, shipped away - Jersey? I can't remember. I will know when I get the bill, which could apparently be hundreds of dollars. I can't wait for THAT envelope either. Not.

But I am trying very hard to convince myself that I will NOT have another December holiday where tests and results drown out laughter and celebrations.

News is just news, and it's just a piece of paper in a folder on someone's desk but it's hard for me not to tilt my head and listen for a ticking sound.

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onescrappychick said...

you poor thing.. I HATE waiting. HATE it with a burning passion. I wish you nothing but good results and a Happy Thanksgiving!