Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Your mileage may vary

Where I went today....

Up the road to work, NOT stopping to take a picture of the mist swirling around the canal gates. Already too late for work. Dammit, Janet.

Stopping at Dunkin for a bagel. Honestly guys. Starbucks never fucks up my tea - and I get a vanilla chai latte there. I'm still trying for "large hot tea, sweetened". I have been given coffee, tea with cream, and other nonsense... as well as the wrong kind of bagel, cream cheese instead of egg and cheese... WTF ? Listen and pay attention.

Lunch break - bank A, post office, gift store (needed a gift certificate for an event we are going to this sunday, but got myself some goodies for my birthday... Spent extra so that Mr will take the hint next year to do his OWN shopping...purse, pandora beads, candy....) another bank, got lunch, and made it back to work in 65 minutes.

Then after work down to Macy's looking for a $20 coat from their ad which all the clerks denied existed, so I chalked it up to chemo brain. Went to Sephora to collect a little promo birthday gift and of COURSE some cute nail polish (dear Essie, you make better products.... I only buy Sephora because it's RIGHT THERE).

Looked in bookstore, no fun without anyone to discuss books with, also could not find a certain book I was looking for. (LOST encyclopedia)

Went to another mall to look at jc penny for mystery coat because B thought maybe it was there. Again with the rude clerks saying "a coat for $20? No" (found ad at home later. It was Macy's, bitches. But I got a nicer coat at penney's. )

Beat feet on home, we had to go ove.r to a (Giffey's )chicken BBQ at church No sauce? WTF number two for the day; and on the way home I voted. HATE ny's new paper ballots, WTF number 3.

Then I remembered I had to go over to copy 250 wreath order forms and even more lunch menus and stuff teacher mailboxes. Back out the door I went.

Sadly I did not remember to spend an hour on something I brought home from work. Rut roh.

I am tired. I have not done this much in one day in literally about a year. Hopefully I will sleep through the night, which is another thing I haven't done in a long long time.


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