Friday, November 26, 2010

A second helping of normal

It's been a wonderful couple of days. (what, Carly? You just complained about your entire day.)

It was calm and beautiful to be with my family and eat and eat a glorious plate of food without thinking about chemo and the various medicines I took to get through it. It was sweet bliss to just sit down after the meal and take a nap like your average American.

I could have done without the bra though. Those fuckers still hurt. Before I even left my mom's to go to my brother in law's I was in the bathroom trying to take it off without just taking off my dress (like any person with any common sense at all would do).

It was fun to gather with family and just be crazy Aunt Char again. (Somewhere there is a picture of me, one holiday I laid down on the floor and all three of the kids, mine plus my nephew, piled on top of me, in some sort of a crazy sandwich.)

Well, now I have a younger niece and nephew plus my nephew's stepbrother has a young child so I am an Aunt again and also a great Aunt. And I am a great, fabulous Aunt. My many services provided yesterday included a running commentary on Charlie Brown (look at Snoopy dog making popcorn!), letting the kids run my iphone battery down completely (all those games I buy like Spin Art go over pretty well with the five and under crowd) and even helping with Mandy's poopy pants (why do people rush to get their kids out of pullups? It's like some sort of pissing contest, if you will pardon the pun. )

I capped off my services by wrangling a three year old into showing me her Beauuuuutiful pjs... (oh my! Please put them on for me...) and reading Goodnight Moon three times, in a progressively flatter monotone... Hushhhhhhh.

I can't wait to be an Auntie again, and lucky for me, around May I will be.

Today I ran all of my stupid, redon-culous errands without needing to sit down to breathe and try to catch my strength. I'm gonna show Santa who's boss, and come Christmas day I have three new kids to pile on top of me. I think I'll put the two pictures side by side in one frame.

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