Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hoop there it is

I got some exciting news yesterday.

My college roommate walked with me at our local Susan B Komen run /walk last month. Her mom is also a breast cancer survivor and walked with us.

They are affiliated with a local group that provides a number of programs for women diagnosed with breast cancer. One event is an awareness night at women's basketball game for Siena, a local college that runs a very popular basketball program around here.

From what I understand I am one of a group of women who will be honored at this year's event, and I get escorted out onto the middle of the arena floor during halftime or before the game or by a team member or something equally fun. And prizes! I love prizes. Apparently there are goodie baskets, but I'd be happy with even just the awesomeness of standing in the center of a basketball court and having an arena full of people cheering for us.

Exciting and definitely something to look forward to -

Let's just hope I don't trip walking out onto the court!

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Meoskop said...

That would make me crazy. However, I am very happy for you because I think they should ALWAYS cheer when you arrive, it should be alike a 'thing'.