Friday, November 05, 2010

A short note I can't send

Dear grouchy lady at my lunch table,

Chill. Out.

I know you had breast cancer two years ago and you are on tamoxifen now, but please shaddap. Because all you do is predict gloom and that my hotflashes will get worse (they're getting better now that I'm running more) and that I will gain weight (see previous comment).

You are the one who told me during chemo "oh wait till you have radiation..." and I didn't appreciate the ominous tone then, either. By the way? Radiation is easier than chemo.

I have only been on it three months but my doctor says so far so good, and I'm hoping it stays this way.

I realize you might be having a harder time with it a because you're ten years older than me. So... I guess my point is that I'm writing this note because I don't want to tell you to shaddap for reals. (But please shut up. Like that song Baby danced to on DWTS this week. shutup shutup shutup!)

Have a nice weekend! See you Monday (big grin).

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Trish said...

love it! love it! love it!