Thursday, November 04, 2010

C vs C

Last night I went to a Coaches vs. Cancer fundraiser. It was great food, a few old friends. I amused myself by chatting with an old friend for ten minutes and not mentioning at all that I have been treated for cancer this year. Mostly I found it amusing that people just can't tell anymore when they meet me, that something was up medically for me. Wait until HE gets the Christmas letter. I'm sure I will get a call from his wife.

The Shell family was honored with the Fighting Spirit Award .... the dad is a local coach, and had a lot of support from other area coaches when HE had cancer, and their son Jake has just recently had cancer as well and just got a sweeeeet treehouse from Make a Wish.

You can read about Jake's treehouse here or you can read about his wonderful Mom here .

Matt (the dad) gave a speech and talked about a coach and mentor of his who has died within the past week. He also talked about his own cancer battle and his son's. One other idea that he mentioned was a quote and a philosophy that boils down to "Enjoy the sunshine."

I did just that yesterday. I squeezed in a brief run after work / before going to the benefit. It made us a few minutes late but it was more or less a cocktail hour -- I had some chinese food, dumplings and ribs and so on, and 3 or four amazeballs creampuffs. Yum. Healthy dinner, I know. But back to the run (I am rambling this morning and NEED TO GET TO WORK.... sigh) I was cold, and the new level of couch to 5k I am at is HARD, because this girl can still not run for 3 minutes straight, especially up the hilly streets in my 'hood, but really enjoyed it anyway, because there was definitely sunshine.

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