Monday, May 04, 2009

Because I wasn't doing anything, I thought I'd blog

So this week I have to sit in a waiting room and twitch for 90 minutes while my kid gets her braces off. Yaaaay! But I have 1,000 other things to do, people!

We are having a big family party and I need to make an amazing cake so I am pulling Suzy into the effort to help ensure it will be A+. I need to make some flowers and things today (in between making two batches of cupcakes for the school concert, and oh, we have to GO to the school concert, which kills an evening...) and she is going to help me make a "50" plaque tomorrow. Hopefully.

The state wants me to come see them so we can chat about my job search. Yeah. That. Hasn't started yet. Yikes. It's a fairly routine thing but still.

My son was bored and decided to start a business. This required my help to make a flyer, help him make himself a calendar with all of his upcoming baseball games and family events, and so on. He is only allowed to work for neighbors/immdiate family for now, doing things like raking, weeding, car washing, and helping with spring cleaning major tasks; he is NOT mowing a lawn because he's too young in my opinion. But the neighbors all seemed impressed that he was willing to work (and they said yeah, too young for mowing).

I am scanning old photos (holy out of date hairdos!!) for the party and in the meantime I am loading music to iTunes from my brother in law... standards.... to make a mix for the party. My iTunes is used to a steady diet of country and Tween so it is basically going What The F..... ?

Throw in some extra singing at church (icky Dick won't shake anyone's hand because of Swine Flu even though we have NO CASES reported in our area...) and it means Carly is going to be very happy when Mother's Day comes and I can sit and RELAX!!!

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Trish said...

so what are you doing in your SPARE time?!?!


*so* terribly sorry icky dicky won't shake hands. you might want to tell him there seems to have been a case of it transferred between human and he'd best be careful...not to kiss a human...sorry, was that rude? oops. We have a guy similar to dicky in our choir, except he comes to choir sick as a dog and coughing on people!

good luck with everything on your plate today!