Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sooner or later, each week I have a day where being jobless gets to me.

Even though I have a bunch of things to finish for the school, plus a few family events that need planning and preparation and doing, and I am (extremely lucky to be)receiving a "severance package", once in a while the blues come by and sit down with me for a while.

I watch everyone leave the house and go where they are supposed to be, and think 'where am *I* supposed to be?' - and it doesn't help that I am routineless, despite my good intentions.

Time is moving quickly and slowly all at once. Almost 22 years of employment seems to have evaporated into being just a dream o had after too many fajitas. All that remains is a pile of paperwork that contradicts itself. I spent at least 90 minutes today sorting out one issue. Giant Headaches.

Carly(via Blackberry)

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