Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quick recaps...

My son marched off to work Saturday at 8 am. He dusted a large plant and then my neighbor declared a coffee break. Yes. They gave an 11 year old (some) coffee (in milk). I think he did a LITTLE bit more work for them but perhaps not worth what they paid for. I heart my neighbors.

The party was wonderful. My mother in law is frail these days but she looked beautiful and seemed to have extra energy saved up for the party. I took a few photos of the happy couple with all of their grandchidren, and some with all of the cousins that came from near and far. It went by too quickly... I managed not to whimper too loudly when they carried the cake out of the room to CHOP it into TINY PIECES. (ehhhhhh!)

Mother's day was ok... I tend to buy my own presents and cook for myself on this particular holiday. I'm not a huge fan of it. We can't all be perfect Hallmark commercials, now can we? I did get a shelf set in the garage - - and after asking for it and explaining (twice) what I want on it, I know can walk out from my kitchen into the garage without tripping over shoes, soda, beer, and cleaning supplies. I am going to call it a win.

PS: Just for Poly - the end of Amazing Race really killed me. I wanted him to win. Don't hate me.

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