Friday, May 22, 2009

Spoiler free

This is my daughter's last year in the Catholic elementary school she is attending. There is a traditional brunch in early June. The graduates receive a gift from the PTA. The graduates then present their parents with a scrapbook they have worked on, in school, keeping the contents a secret.

I love scrapbooking so much I carved a chunk out of our newly enlarged family room, and bought a desk that is off limits to everyone else in the house, for my paper and my stickers and my stamps and punches.... So I can't wait for the scrapbook.

Here's the thing. I *SUCK* at not sneaking a peek at gifts. Every now and then, like I don't know, RIGHT NOW, the book is on her art table - right next to my desk - and it's killing me. I can't WAIT to go through the scrapbook. I let my daughter pilfer some recent family photos - I haven't looked to see what she took, but that is only because the snapfish order that she picked from is in a pile on my art desk and I'm avoiding that pile. I'm trying SO HARD not to open the cover of that scrapbook right now.

Additional temptation greeted me when I opened Microsoft Word. Off to the right side of the screen, over there... the list of recent documents: "My most memorable moment at (school)". "A happy Memory". "Dear Mom and Dad"....

.....aaaaaaaaaghhh. :::thud::::

I will not open them. I will not open them. I don't want to ruin the moment of seeing it all together for the first time.

Looks like it's time to leave the house!!!

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