Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Come Fly With Me

So... someone that I've known for a long time mentioned to me last month that he has part ownership of a small plane, and if I ever wanted to go up to take some pictures, maybe we could do that.

Hello? is the Pope Catholic?

We had one day planned, and the weather didn't work out. Yesterday the weather was perfect. I spazzed a little and had trouble finding the airport, and was a few minutes late. D'oh.

Did I mention it's a really small plane?

Small. As in, a Cessna, which is latin for "propeller on a box with four seats inside", and I'm not convinced the two in the back really count.

One funny moment was when we first went into the (hangar?) and I couldn't figure out how the plane would get out, because it didn't seem like the "garage door" was wide enough. I was tilting my head and looking at it and thinking "Huh. I bet I can stand under the wings of that plane and they'd be practically resting on my head. But they're too wide to go out that section of the wall because they'll hit the door. " Then he hit a button, and the whole wall went up, including the door. Oh.

The point of that story is that I know nothing at all about small planes. Which he proved again by asking me to move (I was indeed able to stand under the wings and almost touch them with the top of my head) so that he could lower the wing flaps without whacking me on the head. (He worded it differently.... )

We had to review a few rules. Seatbelts must be worn. I played stewardess and fingerwaved out the two exits (to the pilot, who knew already, but whatever. )

Then after more checking and testing and whatnot, we were off!

Hey look - there's our wheel - it's still on the plane. Awesome, we need that later. I knew that the wheels would not pull up, because they would be... in my seat. So to speak. And there's the shadow of the plane. Cool. So I took about 60 pictures after this one; I'm not even kidding. Of course I mean of the scenery and sky, not the shadow of the plane on the ground. Just so we're clear.

Here are one or two...

Saratoga Lake...

And Lake George...

and... something... maybe Saratoga Lake again, from the other direction, or part of the Hudson? I'll have to think about this one. But I like it.

Well, that's all for today, kids, but tomorrow Carly takes Manhattan by storm... um, by tour bus. Coach bus. Whatever.

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onescrappychick said...

Good luck! Thursday we're taking over-zealous first graders to Magic Wings.. over by Yankee Candle. That should be a ball!