Friday, January 15, 2010


These people have some serious water issues. This is in the lobby of
my building; today is the first day i've seen it with water flowing.
It was being fixed yesterday, and apparently a few days from now there
will be water all over the entire lobby floor and it will be emptied

Yesterday EMT 'droid said that J-Fish was burying himself in gravel
and things didn't look good.

I went by a little while later and he was hiding near the back wall
behind a big rock. But I swear to you, he saw me and came right out. I
shook my finger at him and said "Don't you go and die on me now" and
he DEFINITELY moved his whole face from side to side and it looked
like "No"

I laughed at him and said "You promise?"

Then and only then did I notice the guy right behind me smirking at me.

I'm That Girl Who Talks to The Fish.


1 comment:

Sgt said...

Maybe he was just sleeping. You know.. with the fishes.