Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hi, ho

So today was my first day on the job, and of course I was almost late.
You take 9 months off, you forget all the stupid things you can do,
like go back for a pair of earrings and "hmmm, maybe not these shoes"
and all lf a sudden it's "geez I really gotta leave!" (thank goodness,
no frost on my windshield!)

I am working in a test lab of sorts; there are 3 guys who already work
there. Maybe they thought I'd ask 1,000 questions if they looked my
way; they didn't speak to me until saying goodbye at the end of the
day. It was discouraging and hilarious all at the same time. Droids. :)

There is a huge skylight over my desk so it was nice and bright.
There's even a great big plant next to my desk. By desk I mean, the
table that my monitor is on, which has no drawers! Where's a girl
supposed to hide her " stuff"???? The rest of the room is kinda dark
so the Droids must like it that way. What say I walk in tomorrow and
flip all the lights way on high???? Hee hee. They'd bury me in the

I have 3 pc's to toggle between(all sharing one monitor) because we
work on multiple platforms, and of course I forgot the key combination
to jump from one to the next. Oopsie. I wrote it down with my best

Let's see, what else. Oh, a mini lunchroom with bad food and no one to
sit with. A maze of cubicles and solid walls. Your basic office
building, but nice and clean. Almost high school, really. Except


Mark said...

Well done for getting through that tricky first day! If anyone can get the droids to open up and act more human, it's you.

onescrappychick said...

YAY... so glad to hear it went well. How about one of those 3 drawer thingsy that steralite makes for your stuff? I have a lovely green one right next to my desk... I bet it will fit under your table.

miripanda said...

Glad you're back on the bicycle!! I have a desk space with no real drawers or stuff-hiding space. I settled on blocking in Lady Stuff behind some binders, because when I tried to use my half-a-file-cabinet-drawer for unmentionables, the lone male staff member inevitably opened that drawer first every single time even when there was NO REASON for him to be in there.

Orr maybe you just meant your purse.

Still, congrats :)