Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yes, I'm doing that again.

I can't seem to type below this photo... But I think I did a shot just
like his last winter, only with more ice. Driving. On the way to work.
In the cold.

So, I am still not driving my own car. I am so thankful for my pal who
has let me "test drive" something for 3 days. When my car broke down
we were with friends and D and his best friend drove me bonkers. It
was the night before my appointment w the surgeon (which went pretty
well, I will get to that...) and so I was sort of already weepy and
not in the mood for my car to die in this random little acces road
behind a school where we do CYO basketball. The tow guy took forever
and D's friend would randomly sing "McGruberrrrrr" loudly. So I texted
him a picture of that character after I got home.

The surgeon, aka Boobie Whisperer, was a trip. My pal warned me she
would sort of stare into space while she, er, felt me up, and I could
honestly see her listening to her fingertips. She's got decades of
experience so I truly feel I am good hands.

She explained that my tumors are small, slow growing, and a bunch of
other things that you WANT them to be if you have to have them. Next
week I will have them removed (just the unlovely lumps, not my entire
Lady Lumps.) Huge relief there - I always swore I would never get fake
ta-tas and so it looks like I'm still ok 'on that front' - man there
so many double meanings in this whole situation....

But I will apparently have to break down and get tattoos, for my
radiation treatments. I can barely SPELL tattoo.

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Sgt said...

Very glad to hear that they believe it was the lesser of the evils.

I'd say get something cool tattoo'd on your breasts but you know... you don't want to confuse the radiologist have have them blasting you with radiation all over the place.

Stay strong!