Thursday, January 28, 2010


I try to think about "other" things as much as I can. But "the other C
word" has seeped through everything. (I tried to blog something non-
carcinomic here and I am failing miserably).

I may actually enjoy Halloween this year. (the theory being that I'll
be done w most of my treatment and on to Tamoxifen).

Mr C and the kids got me some cheap roses from the supermarket and
they have been fabulous for a week now. In about 2 and a half weeks if
I were to get roses they would die in 2 days. I hate valentines day!

I have a recruiter trying to put me in a job I'm qualified for but
don't really want right now given all the unpredictability. Besides, I
like the droids. I miss them.

My choir friends know I'm sick now. So with a whole church choir
praying for me I should be all set.

I was going to help with yearbook this year but Ummmmmm. No. No extra
work for Diva Carly.

I have been watching So. Much. Tv. I lean toward cooking and home
buying / remodeling. Dear Genevive, please come fix up Mia Porcha so I
have a nice retreat to rest in. Thnks.

Olympics. The Olympics have nothing to do w me being sick. But I will
throw a fuzzy sock at the tv the first time they do a human interest
story about someone who was sick.

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