Monday, January 11, 2010

is there a title that covers all of this?

So, it has been a crazy few days. Right now it's 11:11 on the 11th as I am starting to write this post and I do in fact have a few wishes to make.

But on to the recap of my last few days.

Friday started with a little bit of chatting with my coworkers. They seem to talk for a few minutes when they first arrive, then get down to business. I was relieved to feel like they were slowly warming up to me.

Mid morning things got a little bit crazy. I noticed that one guy was acting strange, but I didn't REALLY notice. He was standing off to the side of the room and sort of twisting as though he was trying to stretch his back. I just went back to what I was reading... it turns out that one of my other coworkers is an EMT, and he realized what was actually going on. When HE went over to K, it clicked for me, because of a conversation that had occurred the previous day where K shared some ongoing medical issues with me. I'm trying not to put this guy's business all over the internet, so I'll leave it at that, but my point is that I realized we needed to call 911, and when they arrived he was NOT doing well at all. I'm leaving out parts of the story on purpose, but it was awful for about 45 minutes. So much for my job distracting me from MY medical issues.

K was fortunately doing pretty well after some medical attention, and EMT guy kidded me in the afternoon about "how's that for your first week?" So I felt comfortable saying, well, I won't be back on Monday, but not because of this, because I have to go see the surgeon on Monday, and I dropped one or two other sentences in there, about why. He and I had actually been talking about insurance and he mentioned "prexisting conditions" of his own and so I didn't THINK it would be TMI and I think I was OK on that call.

I am starting to feel that I somehow landed on the Island of Misfit Toys but in an odd way I am very grateful for that. Sometimes people don't understand how unpredictable a medical issue can be. Hurry to make a doctor's appointment, then wait and waaaaaaaait for it to happen, and wait to find out how the next couple of weeks/ months will play out.

We went to our favorite little italian place to celebrate me actually completing ALMOST a whole week of work (I had taken Monday off for a biopsy that REALLY FREAKING HURT afterward, but I guess the first one was a decoy so that I wouldn't fret about the second.)

So then Saturday I got up to cook for the school kiddos. Making chili, which I have never even EATEN, thank you, much less made myself. Fortunately my teammate has a husband for whom Sunday Equals Football and Chili. Did I mention Saturday morning it was THREE degrees out? So fabulous.

Saturday afternoon was my nephew's birthday party and I was happy to drink about four glasses of wine over the course of several hours and play with the babies in my family. My nephew is so damn cute. I get discouraged when I think that I might not see them for a while; I can't roughhouse with a toddler if I'm recovering from some sort of procedures. Blah.

Sunday morning was pretty hard at church. I'm obsessing about when my surgery will be - and is this the last Sunday I'll feel up to singing for a while? And what about Lent and Easter week??? I couldn't bring myself to tell Stanley, because he's very hard of hearing and I didn't want to scream it with everyone around. But I did tell someone that I sat next to for a few years (she has since moved over to sit next to Icky Dick, because Altos can double as Tenors, and the sweet guy who passed away this summer was a tenor, and oddly enough the mass was being said for him, but then these coincidences keep happening...all you need to do is see them, people.) So we were walking out and I told "Hazel" and she stood in the street and hugged me, and I really needed that, because I had been queasy all day stressing myself out. She is just a few years older than me, unlike most of the rest of the choir, so it was definitely the support I needed just then.

I went to the market (it was about TEN out, if you're keeping score) and for some reason I bought a BUNCH of frozen things. I do not have a spare freezer. I just found myself saying "oh, chicken fingers, D can warm those up, and these are the fish we like, and maybe some of these appetizer things would be good to have in the house, ....) You literally could not jam a piece of paper into my freezer right now. The odd part was that walking around the store my stomach was churning and I didn't want to think about lunch but yet here I was buying all this food to have in the house. It's a freakish cousin of nesting, I guess.

So I laid on the couch for a while, then went to D's basketball game later, where my car died. Such fun. 90 minutes to wait for a tow truck. Good times!!!

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