Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy happy happy

Obnoxinurse made an encore visit as I was checking in on Tuesday.
Irony... "do you remember me?". I think her sole purpose in my world
was to tell me I *can* set limits. The other nurses were SO nice.

Things didn't go perfectly smooth; I have a blown vein on the back of
my hand from a less than fabulous IV input. Ow ow ow that hurt. But
that was the only stumble; the surgery went very well.

So, thanks to better living through pharmaceuticals I went through the
following days fairly easily. My arms feel something like they were
tied in neat squareknots for a few days. Ab muscles that have been off
duty for quite a while are NOT pleased with me. But purple surgical
superglue? Eeeek. Flaky and creepy, hands down my least favorite part
of this. I "know" logically I won't split the incisions. But a part of
me is anxious every time I reach past a certain range.

Mr. C brought me home Wednesday and we opened our very own buffet.
Friends and family brought us macaroni and cheese, chicken parm,
teriyaki, side dishes like salads, pasta, scalloped potatoes and green
beans almondine and biscuits and brownies (lots of brownies). Turkey
soup, made from scratch by our friend who could easily lift a fridge
w/ one hand - and my fridge is PACKED rightnow.

But my nail tech was asking for me today, and I am all caught up on
Burn Notice thanks to a marathon yesterday. I loves me some Michael

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Sarah said...

Okay I have been so behind on all blogs, but your last few tweets have caught my attention so I have gone back through the past month or so, and all I can say is OMG, Char!

Anything I say will sound stupid and not "big" enough for the situation so I'll just say I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

My advice means very little in the big scheme of things, I know, but keep up the blog. Keep up the jokes. It got me through some horrible times. I am of the opinion that humor helps us heal. I feel it with 100% certainty. And I don't feel anything with 100% certainty.

Hang in there! I'm thinking of you and sending only good thoughts.

P.S. Okay I cried reading about how the Vietnamese nail tech told you to fight. I have a problem controlling my emotions.