Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Linked Out

I added my new boss as a LinkedIn contact. It's kind of like a Facebook for your professional life. The network of people you've worked with, people who are trying to help you get a new job, like recruiters, etc... (All the people who you DON'T want seeing your Facebook stuff... hahahaha. )

So anway, off to the side I noticed a suggested list of people to add. Somehow, I ended up with Barack Obama's name included on my sidebar. Don't even ask me... I have no idea.

I tried to add him. After all, he's the President, and wouldn't it be fun to have him in my linked in list?

Unfortunately there is a step in the invitation process where you have to answer the question "How do you know Barack?" I sheepishly clicked "I don't know him" and the request was immediately rejected! He never even had a chance to accept my invitation- the program won't let me send a request to him.

Oh well. Maybe one of my other contacts will introduce us.

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