Monday, January 25, 2010

There's an app for that

iFart. No, I'm not kidding; there is an app that you can use to make
your phone fart: start it and set your phone down and if someone moves
it the dang phone will fart. You can send farts to your idiot friends'
phones if they have the app...I think we can all be grateful for this
app...not being on most phones as a default. I can just imagine being
the wife of someone who would think that was SO funny. ::::shudder:::::

That being said there are some apps that I am having fun with in the
wee small hours of the morning as I wait for pain meds to kick in.
Spin art is fun. Like my picture?

There are some that I use very often like the Facebook app and a
Twitter reader. The Kindle reader works pretty well. It won't start a
fight on a plane ....(my sister is here for a few days and had to
listen to some girl go ON and ON about her real kindle...)

There are other apps I've gotten like Camera bag, which takes a pic
and makes it look like a Polaroid or several other camera styles.

Scoremobil gives me whatever sports update I may be looking for.

Zen Garden is very soothing. If covers the screen w fake sand you can
rake with your fingers, and you can add rocks, shells, etc while
soothing sounds play. In the newest version you can play yourself to
sleep with a self timer. That's what I'll be doing now. Oh listen,
it's starting to softly rain. Goodnight.

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