Thursday, January 28, 2010


OK so where are we? There are no chicks in the apple Marketing team, I get it, snicker snicker, iPad, comes in light, regular and maxi. ( :::eyeroll::: I can't even take credit for the joke. )

But actually I think I can see myself using it at home, on Mia Porcha, to follow twitter feeds and blogs and update facebook and maybe read a e-book or two. To me the appeal is holding it sitting on a couch or chaise and not having to sit at this desk to 'surf'. I don't see myself carrying it around in a super-sized purse. I hate to carry a big purse and my iphone does my calendaring, thank you. So to me it's a home gadget. I was thinking about getting a new laptop, maybe I'll get this someday instead.

But it looks like a fun toy. In the near future I won't be in any financial position to purchase said toy, of course (the bills are starting to trickle in already) but it would be nice.

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