Sunday, June 20, 2010

Super Carly

Having conquered cancer (in the nearish future), SuperCarly will soon
bring perfect order to her household.

Magical things will happen!

Children will not leave pulsating toothpaste blobs all over the sink.
They will do chores without being told! SuperCarly will never find a
half eaten bowl of cereal or clothes that have been in the washer
getting sour for two days. (if she /should/ somehow happen to find one
of those things she will be SO ZEN IT JUST WON'T MATTER...)

She will remember to send her bills in on time, and finally catch up
on printing digital pictures. Her desk will be a shiny piece of
furniture and not a large heap of papers awaiting attention.

She will either learn to play the guitar she has had for 30 years, or
unload it on Craigslist, since a friend re-strung it for her a year or
two ago.

She will get out of bed on time in the morning, get to work early, and
she will also bring a healthy lunch every day. Of course!

I guess it won't be this easy. But it will be nice to have more NORMAL
problems than "what is this little bubble on the white of my eye and
will it get worse? Is it from the chemo?" and or "when will my skin
get red and peel from radiation? Can I ever wear a regular bra again?"

But I guess if I had that Wonder Woman outfit that last one wouldn't
be a problem, huh?

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