Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Dear blog

I'm sorry I ignore you these days, blog. There was the cold I caught
after my last round of chemo that never went away, and the itchy hands
and feet that still come and go.

There was fighting with my temp agency last week to get a paid
holiday, and fighting with the hospital that I did pay a bill in full
because I called and got a prompt payment discount and PAID PROMPTLY,
and mixing up my cat scan appointment with the cardiology one.

Oh, and going to family gatherings which I've avoided for a while,
(and remembering WHY I wanted to avoid them for a while) and trying to
clean out all the STUFF around here in piles, and just making more
piles (anyone want a guitar?) and killing spiders, especially a REALLY
BIG one I tweeted a picture of today.

I walk around the park about 10-15 minutes a day now, and then I lie
down flat from exhaustion and watch tv and speaking of tv, I have
watched the LOST finale twice (crying most over: Claire and Charlie.
And dammit Kate was hot in that dress and heels)

And today I was busy calling the credit card company(not Big Red, my
other one) to beg them not to jack up my rate because I was two hours
late with my online payment (dammit dammit dammit) and finding out
they can't anyway because of the new legislation I missed... Yeehaw.

See? Crazy. All of it. A really, really big spider. You should have
heard my daughter just whimper in terror. The damn thing's body was
the size of a square postage stamp. Black, no color or markings.
Fuzzy. WTF was it???

And I watched Glee for the first time and was all "Meh" and Mr. hated
it but what does he know, he likes Hell's Kitchen. And there's a new
cooking channel, only I can't figure out where it is.

I bought a few plants for my garden and they promptly wilted and
threatened to head for that big garden in a sideways world where I
don't kill plants. But I love walking through a garden store. Or a
kitchen store, or... Hey! Things don't taste like sour milk 24x7

Umm... That's all I have. It's not you, blogger, it's me. You're five
and a half now, blog, can't I trust you on your own now and then??

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