Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Rad is on my calendar TOO often. I'm tired of schlepping down the
highway to my appointments. Tired of coming home and being too tired
to do anything useful.

Today I detoured for some insanely good pizza. The place is called I
Love NY and they aim for pizza just as good as you'd get down in the
city. I like the one with slices of tomato, ranch dressing, and bacon;
or sometimes the philly cheese steak and onions variety Yum. Today I
had BOTH. When I used to drag some of my coworkers there they would
get the buffalo wing variety. No tomato sauce. Just bits of chicken,
hot sauce, and some sort of cheese...

After two slices of pizza, clothes shopping should not have been
nearly as much fun as it was. Things FIT!! I found things I liked that
were on sale! I kept looking for Demi Moore's boytoy to appear and say
I was punked.

I have been wanting to buy some clothes for a while. I've been wearing
a couple of pairs of pants I got just before Christmas ( I wore one to
my job interview after finding out it was business casual there) and
they are now very loose. Like, a size or two too big. Don't forget the

I'm not sure what the droids will do if I don't wear the same three
outfits over and over anymore. I don't want to alarm them...

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