Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday art

Ok. I'm not kidding myself, these aren't good. Is it a man or a zombie
skull guy? Just roll with it. I have tatoos now, yaknow. I'm not sure
how to even SPELL tattoos properly, or that five dots ACTUALLY count.

But anyway, I bought a little app for the iPhone called Eastern
Drawing and I'm having plenty of fun with it.

You can use ink of whatever color you like, select the opacity and
brush thickness and whatnot, and you can use various paper designs
included, or draw on a solid color, or even a photo from your own
stash on the phone.

Hopefully when I'm feeling better I will not need iPhone apps to
entertain me quite as much.

(I did share Angry Birds with a coworker, as I may have mentioned; he
has now lost countess hours trying to get three stars on every level.
I am happy to PASS every level. )

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